Welcome to the offical site of Roton USA Knives.


Roton (pronounced RO-TON, rhymes with baton) started in 1990 with the first manufacture of our butterfly knife. It is hugely popular with serious balisong enthusiasts. It is so popular,  we rarely even list them on any website.

 The balisong as it is officially known has rather a limited following, we have many loyal customers.

We have many different models of knives, with an emphasis on traditional, proven design. We use and premium materials with precision workmanship. We are always striving to produce new and appealing designs. We are committed to build the best - not the cheapest.

We take pride in our work and stand behind our products 100 % in every aspect, except stupidity. They are knives. Simply put, they are cutting instruments; not screwdrivers, and, are really expensive pry bars. With that being noted, we make sure customer satisfaction is number one. 

All mechanical devices need periodic maintenance, and it is up to the owner to properly care for his knife. If a item needs attention. We will be glad to assist. 

For a major malfunction, or, gross neglect, refer to the above paragraphs;  ie. broken blade: we will attempt to regrind the blade at a nominal charge. If the blade is beyond repair, we will attempt to replace the blade for a reasonable price,  If the blade is no longer available, then we suggest the knife be replaced. 

We make knives, we understand knives, and, have professional knife people on our team. We seek out the best people for the requirement at hand. Most of our professional relationships have been long term. We have been actively navigating the knife world since 1984. 

If you are a bonafide knife retailer, we would like to have you on our team. Contact us at 208.678.3157.